Laser Welding Machine Application In Welding Stainless Steel Plate

December 12, 2023

With the continuous expansion of the stainless steel market in China, laser welding machine have penetrated into various production fields in stainless steel welding, and the welding of stainless steel sheets has become a very important process in the production and manufacturing process. Due to the inherent characteristics of thin plate stainless steel, welding has also become a certain difficulty, which has once become a welding problem in the field of thin plate stainless steel.

Due to its small thermal conductivity, which is only about one-third of that of ordinary low-carbon steel, thin stainless steel has a low degree of restraint. Therefore, once it is locally heated and cooled during the welding process, uneven stress and strain will be formed. The longitudinal contraction of the weld seam generates a certain pressure on the outer edge of the stainless steel thin plate. Once the pressure is too high, it will cause wavy deformation of the workpiece, not only affecting its aesthetics but also affecting the quality of the workpiece, In addition, there will also be issues of overheating and burning through.

The emergence of fiber laser welding machine has effectively solved this problem. They transmit laser beams to the fiber and weld them after processing, achieving pulse and continuous welding. This solves various problems such as deformation and beautiful weld seams that are prone to occur during the welding process of stainless steel sheets. The laser welding machine is equipped with a highly intelligent camera monitoring system, which is more convenient and accurate to operate. It can also perform non-contact welding on complex welds and achieve automated production, which is also a major breakthrough in laser welding technology.

laser welding samples

The higher the degree of automation of equipment during the welding process, the higher the accuracy of welding. Through system parameter control, it can also ensure the beauty and firmness of the weld seam, and ensure the quality of the workpiece. The fiber laser welding machine also ensures the continuity of laser emission during welding, and can achieve perfect results for welding thin plates within 1mm.