Fiber Laser Source Failure To Emit Light Reasons And Solutions

December 12, 2023

Fiber laser source failure to emit light reasons

1.Fiber optic damage

Fiber is one of the crucial components in fiber lasers. If the fiber is damaged, it can lead to a decrease in light intensity or the inability to output laser. The cause of fiber optic damage may be mechanical vibration, excessive bending, high temperature, and other factors.

2.Laser malfunction

The failure of the laser itself can also cause the fiber laser to not emit light. Possible causes include laser pump failure, resonant cavity mirror failure, laser chip damage, and other malfunctions.

3.Power Failure

The power supply used by the fiber laser may also malfunction, such as power switch failure, power circuit damage, etc., which can affect the normal operation of the fiber laser.

Fiber laser not emitting light solution

1.Check fiber optic

If the problem is caused by fiber optic damage, it is necessary to check the status of the fiber optic, such as bending, tightness, and whether there is dirt on the end face. Regarding the damage situation, it is necessary to replace the optical fiber or send the optical fiber for repair.

2.Check the laser

If the problem is caused by a laser malfunction, it is necessary to check the normal condition of the laser, such as whether the pump is normal, whether the resonant cavity mirror is damaged, and whether the laser chip is normal. Repair or replace according to the inspection results.

3.Check the power supply

If the power failure causes the fiber laser to not emit light, it is necessary to check whether the power switch is normal, whether the power cable connection is loose, and whether the power circuit is damaged. Repair or replace the power supply according to the inspection results.

4.Strengthen maintenance

In order to avoid the occurrence of fiber laser not emitting light, we need to strengthen the daily maintenance work of the equipment, regularly inspect and clean the equipment, and ensure its normal operation.