Laser Welding Machine Application In Solar Panel Industry

December 12, 2023

Solar water heaters are often used in our daily lives, and the splicing of solar panels on the exterior is made by welding. One important process in the production process is welding. The emergence of laser welding equipment and the development of laser welding machine technology have effectively solved the various limitations of the traditional production technology of combining aluminum blue film plates with copper tubes as heat-absorbing materials. The following is an introduction to laser welding machine equipment application in the solar energy industry.


The heat absorption data of solar panel collectors are currently mostly selected through vacuum coating of aluminum blue film plates, with high heat absorption and low reflectivity. There are three main forms of combining aluminum blue film plates with copper pipes in solar water heaters.

1. Laser welding machine

The Laser welding machine's heat-absorbing material blue film layer is undamaged, and the fusion welding seam has high strength, good thermal conductivity, high thermal efficiency, long service life of the flat plate, and fast welding speed. Laser welded flat plates with good welding performance, thermal conductivity, strength, etc. are better than mechanical cladding and ultrasonic welding.

2. Mechanical packaging

The process of mechanical wrapping is simple, but it is not easy to wrap tightly, and the copper pipe will shake, resulting in poor contact and poor heat transfer performance. Over time, it is also prone to electrochemical corrosion, gradually reducing thermal conductivity.

3. Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding belongs to surface mechanical friction, mainly relying on metal bonding, and the physical metallurgical reaction is not obvious, not melting welding, so the strength is not high and the welding speed is slow. The front has damaged a 3-4 mm wide blue film, seriously affecting the light area and thermal conductivity.

Comparing the three methods, the laser welding machine advantages are obvious. Previously, laser welding machines were used to reduce material damage, improve product quality, and reduce production costs; Adopting a duplex rotating workbench structure, the operator does not need to travel back and forth, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.