Laser Cutting Machine Operation Process

December 13, 2023

1. Fix the material to be cut on the workbench of the laser cutting machine.

2. Adjust the equipment parameters accordingly based on the material and thickness of the metal sheet.

3. Select appropriate lenses and nozzles, and conduct a pre-startup inspection to check their condition and cleanliness.

4. Adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position based on the cutting thickness and cutting requirements.

5. Select the appropriate cutting gas and check if it's gas spraying state is good.

cutting sample-3

6. Attempt to cut the material. After the material is cut, check the perpendicularity, roughness, and presence of burrs and slag on the cutting surface.

7. Analyze the cutting condition and adjust the cutting parameters accordingly until the sample cutting process meets the standards.

8. Program the workpiece drawings layout the entire board cutting, and import them into the cutting software system.

9. Adjust the cutting head and focus distance, prepare auxiliary gas, and start cutting.

10. Conduct process inspection on the sample and adjust the parameters on time if there are any problems until the cutting meets the process requirements.