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The advantages and disadvantages of common large-format laser marking machines

August 4, 2021

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of common large-format laser marking machines


As we all know, limited to the focus lens of laser marking machine (comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various focusing lenses) and power problems, the maximum and effective marking of laser marking machine is about 300X300, but this The size cannot meet the specific needs. In the process of laser application, we occasionally encounter the needs of customers to inquire about large-format laser marking. Large-format laser marking machines are mainly aimed at customers with large-area marking needs. Large-area laser marking The marking machine needs to be customized, because the area is different, the laser used in the workpiece material is different, and the power intensity is different according to the process demand. At present, there are four main types of large-format laser marking machines commonly used in the market: large-format lens laser Marking machine, XY electric platform splicing laser marking machine, dynamic large-format laser marking machine, large-format non-splicing platform laser marking machine, each has its own shortcomings, and the applicable scenarios are also different.


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