RL-20H handheld smart laser machine new arrive

August 20, 2021
Latest company news about RL-20H handheld smart laser machine new arrive

RL-20H handheld smart laser machine is a portable, battery-powered and fully autonomous marking machine!

Thanks to its powerful 24V rechargeable lithium battery power supply system, it can maintain 6-8 hours of work under
normal use, with strong endurance and no cable drag, avoiding the embarrassment of sudden power failure during use.
Its light weight and multi-functionality make it especially suitable for perfect marking on large, heavy or difficult workpieces.
RL-20H is powerful, sturdy and reliable. The weight of the machine is 6 kg. Its marking head is only 1.25 kg.
It has an ergonomic grip, comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Rear USB interface, software support: text, pattern,
two-dimensional code, barcode, serial number, graphics and other marking content. In addition, Q8 also has a special box
that is convenient for storage and can be carried to different locations. It is one of the smallest rechargeable laser
marking machines on the market!