Precitec completes ProCutter 2.0 fiber laser cutting head

August 19, 2022
Latest company news about Precitec completes ProCutter 2.0 fiber laser cutting head

"Smart light manufacturing" has always been the goal set by laser applications to enable the upgrading and development of the manufacturing industry. Precitec ProCutter laser cutting heads provide innovative laser cutting solutions for automated production processes. At the same time, the Precitec ProCutter cutting head is also synonymous with laser intelligent cutting. Today, laser 10,000-watt cutting has become the mainstream application in the market. As the laser power continues to increase, it will lead to more efficient production methods. At the same time, the Precitec cutting head is open to the CNC system. The real-time monitoring data of the cutting head can be communicated with the CNC system through the interactive interface. Integrators or end users can use these data for secondary development and programming to achieve more intelligent control functions to better meet customer cutting needs.


After years of market cultivation and technology upgrades, the Precitec ProCutter2.0 intelligent cutting head has achieved laser cutting with a maximum power of 30kW, and there are many intelligent functions for customers to choose to meet different cutting application needs. The optical products in the ProCutter2.0 laser cutting head have excellent performance and high stability, and intelligent process monitoring can significantly improve the productivity and stable cutting quality of the final product. Thanks to an advanced cooling concept, integrated sensors and increased focus range, the cutting head operates automatically and stably for long periods of time up to 30 kW laser power, enabling impressive cuts even when cutting 100mm thick sheets Effect.



High NA and larger focusing range - stable cutting of thick plates

At present, more and more laser manufacturers have entered the 10,000-watt high-power field, but there is a certain gap in the consistency of beam quality among lasers. Precitec completes ProCutter 2.0 cutting head compatibility and offers configuration options with a maximum NA of 0.18, making it compatible with all lasers up to 30 kW. This means stable and long-lasting operation at full power during the cutting process. At the same time, the upgraded ProCutter2.0 provides a variety of focusing ranges to choose from, which can easily meet the cutting needs of thick plates. The design of the cutting head has not changed for this, it remains compact, lightweight and equally suitable for bevel cutting.

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ROCUTTER ZOOM 2.0 – Smart Zoom Cutting Head

In order to provide customers with more flexible production and processing methods and bring the greatest economic value. Precitec launched the ProCutter Zoom2.0 intelligent cutting head with automatic zoom. The ProCutter Zoom 2.0 with a maximum power of 12kW is a truly intelligent cutting head. Its focus adjustment range is 1.2-4.0 times, and the high-quality beam is suitable to achieve efficient and flexible cutting of sheet metal of different materials and thicknesses with one cutting head. At the same time, the newly designed air path provides a wider window of stable cutting parameters, which helps to obtain better cutting end faces faster. Additionally, the ProCutter Zoom is available with an optional PierceTec and CoolTec technology package for automatic piercing and long-lasting stable cutting of carbon steel. Its flexibility and extensibility can be described as a truly intelligent cutting.


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ProCutter Zoom 2.0 offers a wider window of cutting parameters


Premium perforation technology PIERCETEC - automatic monitoring of the perforation process

In laser cutting, precise perforation technology is the basis for obtaining high-quality cutting sections. Poorly matched piercing processes can result in fluctuating piercing quality, increased costs and material waste. PierceTec automatic piercing technology enables fast, high-quality and repeatable piercing. As an optional technology configuration module, PierceTec can be used with any configuration of the ProCutter2.0 cutting head. Its built-in sensors monitor the piercing process in real time and optimize processing parameters based on the data at the time of piercing. Not only that, cutting interruptions are detected and error signals are displayed during the piercing process, helping to automate unmanned production. When cutting thick plates, it can better show its advantages - stable perforation quality and efficient perforation process. The PierceTec feature also helps to extend the life of the protective lens and nozzle as it minimizes splashing. In short: PierceTec saves processing time and operating costs - while increasing the performance and quality of the piercing process.


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15mm stainless steel


Precitec ProCutter2.0 is an intelligent cutting head. It has built-in various sensors to obtain and monitor cutting parameters in real time, so as to realize many intelligent cutting control functions. The Precitec cutting head is open to all cutting systems, so these intelligent functions can be integrated into the CNC system, giving the entire cutting equipment the intelligence to achieve the production goal of "smart light manufacturing".