Six-axis robots Automatic laser welding machine

August 26, 2022
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Automatic laser welding machine




Six-axis robots are regarded in the industry as a versatile automation solution. They have a good balance of speed, range, and payload capacity, which makes them a viable option for most applications -- although some can't handle this type of application. For example, tasks that require proximity or cooperation with humans may not be suitable for these robots. Quality assurance applications often contain human elements. Pairing a human with a six-axis robot can be dangerous. Also, tasks that require moving components, such as logistics, are not suitable for static robots like this. Six-axis robots are the most common type found in automotive facilities. You'll typically find these robots in material handling applications, such as attaching door panels or wheels to car bodies. Painting and welding are other common examples suitable for six-axis robotic tasks.


Automotive manufacturing facilities are early adopters of automation and contain large numbers of robots.