Laser welding used for mobile phone

March 5, 2023
Latest company news about Laser welding used for mobile phone

The common welding of mobile phone parts includes laser welding of stainless steel nuts of mobile phones, laser welding of mobile phone camera modules, etc. The laser welding machine for metal parts does not require tool contact during the welding process of the mobile phone camera, which avoids damage to the surface of the device caused by the contact between the tool and the device surface, and has higher processing accuracy. It is a new type of microelectronic packaging and interconnection technology, which can be applied to mobile phones The processing process of each metal part. Let's take a look at the advantages of laser welding technology in welding mobile phone camera modules.

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Advantages of laser welding technology in welding mobile phone camera modules:
1. Excellent pulse power/energy stability;
2. Low-cost solution with high peak power;
3. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of laser welding is better than that of traditional soldering iron heating method. The single-point welding time is short, the solder melts quickly, no fried tin, and less residue.
4. Laser processing constant temperature control, real-time temperature monitoring of laser processing point. Closed-loop feedback, adjustable solder joints, better adapt to different solder joint size requirements.
5. High precision: the light spot can reach the micron level, the processing time can be controlled by the program, and the precision is much higher than the traditional welding process;
6. The working space requirement is small: a very small laser beam can replace the welding head, and when there are other interferences on the surface of the workpiece, precision processing can also be carried out; Wuhan Ruifeng Optoelectronics Laser has been focusing on research and development and production of laser equipment for 16 years. Years of experience in laser equipment research and development, mature product technology, safe and stable product performance. The company follows the business philosophy of "technical innovation, product innovation, and service innovation" to provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

The above are the advantages of laser welding technology in welding mobile phone camera modules. The precision laser welding machine used for welding mobile phone camera modules can fully meet the laser welding process of mobile phone camera frames or brackets. The functions of mobile phone cameras are constantly updated, and the requirements for processing technology are getting higher and higher. The traditional welding process cannot meet its precision requirements. There are more and more solder joints, the distance is getting smaller and smaller, and there are more and more problems such as temperature sensitivity and spatter residue during welding. Advanced laser welding technology can meet these requirements and produce almost no welding slag and debris.