Laser cladding

March 5, 2023
Latest company news about Laser cladding

Laser cladding technology began to rise in the middle and late 20th century. Laser cladding technology is a relatively advanced technology for improving the surface of workpieces. It has developed rapidly in industry. Laser cladding technology is to use laser to combine metal powder and substrate melt.

Because the laser cladding technology is quite special, it has received extensive attention from the scientific and technological circles, and the industry has also paid attention to this technology. The application range of laser cladding is gradually expanding. Some cutting-edge workpieces are generally powerless by traditional techniques. Overlay technology has attracted much attention in various industries.

At present, the application fields have covered automobile machinery manufacturing, mold manufacturing, aviation and other fields.

Compared with traditional processes, laser cladding technology has the following advantages:
1. The surface of the process is smooth, and the amount of workpiece processing in the later stage is small, which saves the cost of workpiece processing for the enterprise, and can strengthen or repair some high-precision parts, and the probability of workpiece deformation is extremely small.
2. The dilution rate of laser cladding is relatively low, and the coating performance of the workpiece can be fully guaranteed.
3. The structure of the laser cladding layer is relatively dense, and the workpiece has relatively small defects.

1. High cost, complex control of precision but special performance.
2. The cost of equipment is relatively expensive.
3. The stability of workpiece quality is not good, and the precision required by users may not be met, which is why laser cladding technology is not widely used in industry.

Compared with the traditional repair industry technology, the advantage of laser cladding repair technology is that it plays an extremely important role in the development of circular economy. For the ship repair industry, it saves material consumption and insurance premiums for the ship repair industry. It is in line with the national industrial development policy of our country and is worthy of active promotion and application.