Laser Welding Machine Application In Data Lines

December 5, 2023


At present, USB data cable welding can be roughly divided into two types: one is pure manual welding and the other laser machine welding.

laser welding machine product

Pure manual welding is the most primitive welding method. Workers hold an electric soldering iron in one hand and cut wire in the other hand for welding, which is inefficient, wastes manpower and resources, and cannot guarantee quality. This production method is gradually being phased out. Nowadays, many domestic manufacturers of electronic data cables use laser welding technology for production, especially in the relatively large mobile phone industry.

laser welding machine details

Laser welding machine is a new technology precision welding product. The shielding shell and USB head of the mobile phone data cable are made of stainless steel due to their small precision welding position, and the laser welding machine has small welding heat, which will not damage electronic devices during welding. The depth and width of welding are controllable, and the laser welding efficiency using automatic welding is particularly significant. Enterprises that use laser welding machine have greatly improved their welding efficiency, and the durability and reliability of their products have been improved in terms of quality, which will make users more satisfied.

The accuracy of laser welding machine is very small, accurate to millimeters, and even small areas can be welded. At the same time, the light spot of the mobile phone data line laser welding machine is extremely small. The heat effect during welding can be ignored, so it can maintain the aesthetics of the phone after welding. After using a mobile phone data cable laser welding machine for processing, the mobile phone looks particularly beautiful and meets the aesthetic needs of modern people.