Fiber Laser Marking Summary Faults

December 5, 2023

Fiber laser marking machine are widely used for marking graphics and text in various fields such as integrated circuit chips, computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic and communication products, aerospace devices, various automotive parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military affairs, as well as large-scale production line operations.

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Fiber laser marking summary faults

1.Due to the fact that each focusing mirror has a corresponding depth of focus range, using a method that deviates from the focus can easily lead to the edges being at the critical point of depth of focus or exceeding the depth of focus range when marking patterns over a large range, which can easily lead to uneven effects. Therefore, the method of offset marking must consider the issue of laser energy.

2.The laser output head, fixed fixture, and galvanometer are not properly adjusted, resulting in some light spots being blocked when the laser passes through the galvanometer. After being focused by the field mirror, the light spots on the frequency multiplier are non circular, which may also lead to uneven effects.

Another situation is that the mirror itself is damaged when the galvanometer deflects, and when the laser beam passes through the damaged area of the mirror, it cannot be reflected well. However, there is a difference in laser energy between the damaged area of the lens and the undamaged area of the lens, and the final laser energy acting on the material is also different, resulting in uneven marking effect.

3.When a laser passes through an optical lens (refraction, reflection), it will cause the lens to heat up and cause slight deformation. This deformation will cause the laser focus to rise and the focal length to become shorter. If the machine is fixed and the distance is adjusted to the focal point, after turning on the laser for a period of time, the laser energy density acting on the material will change due to the thermal lens phenomenon, resulting in uneven marking effect.

Riselaser fiber optic laser marking machines are used for surface printing, engraving, and coding of metal and some non-metallic materials such as bearings, instruments, flanges, valves, electronic components, communication equipment, hardware, mobile phone accessories, jewelry, automotive accessories, precision machinery, etc. This fiber laser marking machine has ideal marking effect, high electro-optical conversion rate, fast marking speed, high efficiency, and is structurally integrated design, with a small footprint and convenient transportation.

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