Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Characteristics

December 20, 2023

Jewelry laser welding machine is specially designed for jewelry laser welding, which is mainly used in jewelry patching holes and blister repairing. Laser spot welding is one of the most important applications for material processing technology. The procedure of spot welding belongs to heat conduction type, that’s to say the laser radiation heat the surface of the workpiece, the heat on the surface spread toward inside by heat conduction. By controlling the parameters as width, energy, peak power and repeat frequency, etc. of the laser pulse, workpiece will be melted and formed special molten pool. Due to the particular advantage, it has been successfully used in processing gold and silver jewelry as well as welding tiny and small parts.

1.Good safety: Jewelry laser welding machine with high-speed electronic light filtering protection device, it can protect the operator's eyes from laser damage, alleviate the operator's eye fatigue, and improve work efficiency.

2.Strong anti-interference ability: Jewelry laser welding machine using advanced new technology micro industrial control computers to replace all the functions of ordinary computers, its operability and stability reach a higher level and keep pace with the times.

3.High stability: Double closed-loop precision control is adopted to ensure uniform and consistent energy at each solder joint.

4.Simple and convenient operation: Equipped with a large screen high-definition LCD screen, the parameters of the Chinese interface are easy to understand, and multiple parameters can be saved for continuous operation.

5.Jewelry laser welding machine adopt closed welding to facilitate replacement, clean the working area, and recover welding scraps. Reasonably utilize resources and reduce costs.

6.The ergonomic design of the complete machine is based on the exquisite, beautiful, stable performance of the jewelry industry products, which are suitable for long-term continuous work.

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