What Fields Can Laser Welding Robots Be Applied To?

December 21, 2023

In the field of intelligent robots, the development of laser welding robots has a long history. Welding robot is a robot engaged in welding work. It is a versatile, programmable control manipulator, commonly used in the field of industrial automation, and is a key link in industrial intelligence. Recently, Eston signed a sales contract with Henan Juntong to cooperate in the development of high-precision intelligent welding robots and complete equipment products, promote the further intelligent development of laser welding robots, and create an intelligent digital chemical factory. Laser welding robots can be seen that the development of welding robots is receiving more and more attention and support.

product advantage

From the perspective of application value, laser welding robots have alleviated the pressure on workers during the use process. Their automatic operation mode has broken through traditional welding methods, promoted the popularization of welding automation, and continuously expanded the application field with the support of technological innovation.

Workstation field: That is, during the entire workpiece production process, it is necessary to coordinate the operation of the positioner and the laser welding robot to jointly achieve automatic welding. This requires that the movement of the positioner closely coordinate with the movement of the laser welding robot, so that the movement of the welding gun relative to the workpiece can meet both the weld trajectory and the requirements for welding speed and welding gun posture.

Production line field: The laser welding robot production line is to connect a single site workpiece conveying line and then form a production line. This production line maintains that each station can only use a fixed welding procedure to complete the predetermined work; When multiple stations are working, the welding robot will identify the workpiece during the production line process and automatically call up a program for welding.

Automotive parts field: Laser welding robots are currently widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, welding in various areas such as automotive chassis, seats, and mufflers, especially in the welding production of automotive chassis. During this operation, welding robots replace the original arc welding operation, improving the welding quality, and also shortening the operation time.

Regardless of the direction of progress in the industrial field, the intelligent development of laser welding robots will be inevitable.

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