Why Laser Cutting Machine Should Add Antifreeze?

February 18, 2024

What hazards and consequences will occur if the laser-cutting machine does not add antifreeze?

1. The water pump of the chiller is frozen and cracked.

2. Metalhead freezes.

3. Cutting head freezes.

4. The optical fiber output head is frozen and cracked.

5. Internal waterways of the laser are frozen and cracked.

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Why does the laser freeze?

It is most important to take anti-freezing measures for laser-cutting equipment in winter. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, liquid water will condense into solid, and the volume of ice will be larger than that of water, which will "crack" the pipes, joints, and components in the laser water-cooling system, including water cooler, cutting head, etc.

cutting sample-3 2

If left unchecked, severe cold weather will cause irreparable damage to the equipment. Especially for the last two parts, the maintenance cost is 20000 to 50000 yuan initially, and the heavy part is directly scrapped without any maintenance value.

Every year, major manufacturers will receive many lasers and cutting heads repaired due to frost damage in winter. The biggest headache is that the manufacturer's service warranty does not cover the damage caused by frost crack.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary losses and troubles, I would like to remind all "good friends" to add antifreeze and take protective measures according to the manufacturer's requirements.