High-Power Laser Welding Machine Advantages

February 2, 2024

With the increasing requirements of various manufacturers on processing efficiency, laser welding machines can weld several millimeters thick steel plates completely at one time, and the weld is similar to electron beam welding, showing the great potential of high-power laser welding machines. Therefore, the requirements for the operation difficulty of laser welding equipment are also increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market and meet the needs of users, we constantly innovate the welding technology and provide various new laser welding machines. It is in this environment that high-power laser welding equipment will seize the market.

High-power laser welding machine advantages

New international condenser design, imported technology, combined condenser design, with higher electro-optical conversion efficiency; The design of full cavity local cooling and cooling medium purification treatment can prolong the laser life; Typical maintenance design, changing light without dimming, and daily maintenance is simpler.

System design, split design and modular structure are applicable to the application combination of various industries; Humanized design, LCD display, centralized button operation, easier operation; Provide industrial solutions, and provide a variety of mature and special industrial fixtures and control methods, which are more convenient to use; It can be combined with assembly line production and has strong applicability; It can be combined with airtight box to meet the welding requirements of special products; Comply with international laser safety use standards and high-voltage electrical safety standards.

High-power laser welding machine adopts high-speed scanning galvanometer, high-quality industrial control computer, and professional graphics processing software. It can weld any point within the scanning range without moving the workpiece quickly and accurately, which is more than 5 times faster than the traditional welding speed. The time consumption is greatly reduced by replacing the workpiece movement or welding lens group movement with the scanning lens movement. The galvanometer lens quickly switches the laser beam between the welding spots in the scanning lens. The greater the distance between the welding spots, the more the number of welding spots on the workpiece, and the more obvious the advantages. With this technology, the welding time can be reduced by 60%. Therefore, a scanning mirror group workstation can replace several traditional welding workstations. Provide customers with higher welding efficiency, greater flexibility and better economy.

Compared with the traditional method, the high-power laser welding machine replaces the two-dimensional worktable with a high-speed moving scanning lens, which greatly improves the welding speed and reduces the impact of laser action on material properties. With professional software with powerful graphics processing function, the instantaneous multi-point welding controlled by program is realized. Stable complete machine system provides necessary conditions for industrial application. It enables customers to obtain higher efficiency and flexibility, lower cost, and more complete system integration in the process of use, which brings the products stronger market competitiveness. Of course, high-power welding machines have many advantages, but there are still difficulties in the installation and alignment of optical fiber connectors. A small misalignment may lead to great changes in welding conditions, even a small assembly gap may also lead to defects such as insufficient laser radiation coupling. There is a long way to go for development, and people need to constantly explore, innovate and improve it.