What are the processing parameters of high-speed laser cladding?

November 13, 2022
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1. Laser power: the energy output by the laser per unit time. High-speed laser cladding is generally a semiconductor or fiber laser. The laser power of Guosheng Laser is 6000-12000w, which is widely used in high-speed laser cladding in the market and can meet the needs of most fields.

2. Spot shape: Common spot shapes are divided into two types: circular and rectangular, and users can choose according to the characteristics of the processing object.

3. Spot size: The spot size mainly affects the optical power density, that is, the light energy per unit area. Under the same power conditions, the smaller the spot size, the greater the optical power density, and the high power density spot is suitable for cladding metal powder with high melting point.

4. The processing distance refers to the distance between the laser exit and the substrate surface: if the processing distance is too far, the metal powder is easy to disperse, and the powder utilization rate is low; the processing distance is short, and the surface temperature of the laser cladding head irradiated by the laser is too high, seriously Cause powder blocking.

5. The overlap rate is the main factor affecting the surface roughness of the cladding layer: the increase of the overlap rate decreases the surface roughness of the cladding layer. However, the uniformity of the overlapping portion is difficult to guarantee. The overlapping area between each cladding layer has a different depth than the depth in the middle of each cladding layer, thereby affecting the entire cladding layer. The lap rate of high-speed cladding is as high as 70%-80% (the lap rate of ordinary cladding is 30%-50%).

6. Cladding speed, cladding line speed and cladding area ratio can all represent the cladding speed: Guosheng laser high-speed laser cladding measured line speed is 100mm/s-500mm/s; cladding area per unit time is 0.5-1m2; spindle The speed is 0-100r/min; the thickness of the cladding layer is 0.2mm-10mm, which is precisely and controllable.

7. Powder feeding method: The powder feeding methods of high-speed laser cladding mainly include circular powder feeding method and center powder feeding method. The utilization rate of the center powder feeding method is higher than that of the annular powder feeding method, but the design is more difficult, and the beam needs to be ring-shaped around the powder feeding pipe. At present, the circular powder feeding method is widely used in the market. Guosheng Laser adopts a specially designed and optimized high-speed laser cladding nozzle, with a powder utilization rate greater than 90%; a large-capacity, high-precision double-barreled powder feeder ensures long-term powder feeding stability and uniformity of the cladding layer.

8. The shielding gas pressure can be adjusted during the process: Nitrogen or argon is generally used as the shielding gas, which is mainly used to feed powder and form a protection zone around the laser cladding pool to reduce oxidation.