UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)

November 12, 2021

Another advantage that reflects the flexibility of UV laser, Riselser UV laser system integrated CAM software can directly import the data exported from CAD, edit the laser cutting path, form the laser cutting contour, and select the processing parameter library suitable for different materials. Direct laser processing. In addition, the system software can also set two modes: engineers can set all parameters including laser parameters, while operators can only import and execute defined processing programs. In other words: RiselserUV laser system is not only suitable for mass production processing, but also suitable for sample production.


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Machine size


The through holes in the circuit board are used to connect the lines between the front and back of the double-sided board, or to connect any interlayer lines in the multilayer board. In order to conduct electricity, the wall of the hole needs to be plated with a metal layer after drilling. Nowadays, traditional mechanical methods can no longer meet the requirements of smaller and smaller drilling diameters: Although the spindle speed is now increased, the radial speed of precision drilling tools will be reduced due to the small diameter, and even the required processing effect cannot be achieved. . In addition, considering economic factors, tool consumables that are prone to wear are also a limiting factor.

latest company news about UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)  1latest company news about UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)  2


Regarding the drilling of flexible circuit boards, Riselaser has developed a new type of laser drilling system. The Riselaser laser equipment is equipped with a 533 mm x 610 mm work surface, which can automate roll-to-roll operations. When drilling, the laser can first cut out the micro-hole outline from the center of the hole, which is more accurate than ordinary methods. The system can drill micro-holes with a minimum diameter of only 20μm on organic or non-organic substrates under the condition of high-diameter-depth ratio. Flexible circuit boards, IC substrates or HDI circuit boards all require such precision.