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UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)

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UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)
Latest company news about UV laser processing in the PCB industry (1)

For laser cutting or drilling in the circuit board industry, only a few watts or more than ten watts of UV laser are needed, and no kilowatt-level laser power is required. In consumer electronics, automotive industry or robot manufacturing technology, flexible circuit boards are Use becomes increasingly important. Because the UV laser processing system has flexible processing methods, high-precision processing effects, and flexible and controllable processing processes, it has become the first choice for laser drilling and cutting of flexible circuit boards and thin PCBs.

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Advantages of UV laser processing
UV laser is especially suitable for cutting and marking hard boards, rigid-flex boards, flexible boards and their accessories. So what are the advantages of UV laser processing?

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The UV laser cutting system has shown great technical advantages in the circuit board sub-board of the SMT industry and the drilling of micro-holes in the PCB industry. Drilling is a special form of laser cutting-that is, using a laser to cut tiny round holes on the substrate.

Depending on the thickness of the circuit board material, the laser cuts one or more times along the required contour. The thinner the material, the faster the cutting speed. If the accumulated laser pulse is lower than the laser pulse required to penetrate the material, only scratches will appear on the surface of the material; because of this, we can mark the material with a two-dimensional code or bar code for subsequent process information track.


The pulse energy of the UV laser only acts on the material for a microsecond level, and there is no obvious thermal effect at a few micrometers next to the cut, so there is no need to consider the damage to the components caused by the heat generated. Regarding the influence of the heat generated during laser cutting on the components close to the edge, LPKF provides a free download test report on the website.

The lines and solder joints near the edge are intact and free of burrs.

In fact, UV laser cutting will not occupy the surface of the circuit board outside the cutting seam, and no additional avoidance area is required.

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