UV Laser Marking Machine, Best Choice For Glass Marking

December 22, 2023

Glass is a transparent substance that can be directly transmitted by ordinary visible light. The light that is truly absorbed by glass is very little, and it can be said that there is almost no light. Moreover, glass is a material with a crystal structure, and its molecular structure is special. Generally, laser marking is destructive carving, which may cause the possibility of explosive connectivity. Therefore, we generally believe that glass cannot be marked with a laser marking machine.

If it is a regular continuous laser, it may be attracted very little energy from the glass, which cannot reach the threshold and is not enough for glass marking. But if it is a high pulse, it is different. Ultra-high pulse, each pulse has high laser energy, which can be said to be tens of thousands of times the energy of a continuous laser. It is possible to achieve laser coding and marking on the glass surface through engraving.

The UV laser marking machine uses a wavelength of 355nm, which has a short processing time and concentrated energy during the processing, so it almost does not damage the surface of the processed object. This can effectively ensure the accuracy and quality of the processing.

The UV laser marking machine has the advantages of uniform and delicate marking of glass samples, as well as clear edges. UV laser marking machine, equipped with short wave, high frequency, and extremely cold processing ability laser, can be used for fast glass marking and spraying with a power of 3W or 5W pulse laser. The marking and engraving effect is also frosted, which is very beautiful. It is currently the most ideal glass marking and spraying engraving equipment in the industry.


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