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TRUMPF's new breakthrough: 3 KW green laser boosts the lithium battery industry

March 31, 2021

Germany's TRUMPF Group (TRUMPF) first released its 3 kW high-power continuous green disc laser TruDisk 3022. The average output power of this product is as high as 3 kilowatts, which represents the strongest power in the current green laser series, and is very suitable for welding high-reflection materials such as copper and aluminum. Especially in the lithium battery industry represented by new energy vehicle power batteries, TRUMPF green lasers can realize up to 120 layers of copper foil welding, with almost no spatter, and precise controllable penetration.
TruDisk 3022 can also weld other commonly used materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, to realize the flexible deployment of a laser in multiple applications. For copper processing, other laser technologies are still unable to provide a dual-purpose welding method.