The advantages of air cooling laser cleaning machines

March 6, 2022
Latest company news about The advantages of air cooling laser cleaning machines

A1: What are the advantages of the air-cooled handheld laser welding machine compared to the traditional welding machine?

Enduser: Compared with the traditional arc welding process, hand-held laser welding has obvious advantages in welding speed, welding quality, and subsequent processing (which can greatly reduce the labor cost of polishing and leveling processes), so there is a strong alternative potential. Compared with traditional arc welding, the air-cooled hand-held laser welding machine saves energy by about 85% to 90%, and the processing cost can be reduced by about 35%; at the same time, various editable welding programs are easy to learn.

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A2: What are the main welding scenarios of your company? What are the specific requirements?
Enduser: I am a welding technician with 30 years of experience in the industry. I have paid attention to laser welding machines for a long time. I have learned about IPG's products before, but they are too expensive. The welding process that our company needs to use is mainly on 1mm thick thin-plate carbon steel splicing and aluminum alloy stamping parts. As you can see, the outer cabinet of the charging pile is a typical application. The customer requires high process precision, and we cut the material. The tolerance of the jointing seam is basically within 0.5mm, but the blanking tolerance of the tube material of the support structure is not well controlled, and the joint with the plate should be greater than 1mm; for the inner angle straight line or arc with small tolerance, adjust the energy and hand Fast, it can be fused directly by pulling it steadily. For the seam between 0.5-1.5mm, it needs to be filled with wire, which is not like the seam of arc welding. In terms of specific use, 90% of the cabinet box of our charging pile can be welded by laser welding at one time, and local arc welding can be used for spot welding.

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A3: Master Chen (the main training user), what would you say about the experience?
Master Chen: I am one of the first people to receive training on the use of laser welding machines. My biggest feeling is that I am very easy to get started. The company has a relatively large business volume recently, and there are not enough people to be recruited. When I am old, I cannot work overtime. I used to use arc welding. We can do about 4 such charging pile cabinet doors in a day. Now I feel that I can do more than a dozen a day. It used to be a job that only two or three people can complete in arc welding. In the same time, hand-held welding can be completed by one person. Taking the welding of the front door of the new energy charging pile as an example, it has hundreds of welding points. Now I use arc welding to secure the structure, and then use laser welding to flatten it. The original arc welding technology took one and a half hours to complete. After using the air-cooled hand-held welding machine, the time was shortened to less than 30 minutes.