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Measures to avoid discontinuous cutting of laser cutting machine

January 21, 2022


1. To solve the problem of discontinuous laser cutting, it is necessary to solve the cause of the discontinuous cutting. For the discontinuous cutting caused by programming errors, designers are required to have high professional quality. Mistake.

2. For the discontinuous cutting problem caused by the replacement of auxiliary gas, after the accumulation of actual operation experience, when replacing the gas bottle and re-cutting, we should reduce the cutting speed to 5% of the normal cutting speed, press the start key and Speed up key to continue cutting.
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3. When the laser cutting machine suddenly stops and restarts during the working process, the interface of the cutting point will also be discontinuous, so in the actual work, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to avoid the cutting machine from stopping due to wrong operation.

Whether it is carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium alloy material, these methods can achieve the continuity of the cutting trajectory, so that the workpiece is completely connected, with high precision and quality.