Laser Marking in The Medical Industry

September 3, 2019

Laser Marking

Every doctor's stethoscope has a different story. This story can be legendary, it can be hard, or it can be plain, the medical equipment laser marking machine for the doctor to write the guardian of the patient's feelings, interpretation of the doctor's persistence and responsibility.

Stethoscopes are the "cultural symbols" of doctors. However, with the development of medical machines, the frequency of clinical use of stethoscopes is far less than before, but stethoscopes are still irreplaceable. A good stethoscope is very important for clinicians. The laser marking stethoscope allows the physician to better listen to the "heart sounds."


A few years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had implemented medical product identification regulations and mandatory all product devices required a unique identification number (UDI). Laser marking machines are used to leave a permanent mark on medical equipment such as stethoscopes, and will not fade due to repeated disinfection and clarity.

Laser Marking Custom-made Stethoscope

Therefore, the medical device laser marking machine customizes the exclusive stethoscope for the doctor, which not only can show the doctor's own style, but also can pass through strangers, close the distance between doctors and patients, and establish a good doctor-patient relationship. A small stethoscope is not only the carrier of medical ethics, but also the hub of communication between doctors and patients. In the hands of doctors, carefully listen to the human body's voice, discern the differences, and find the various crux.


The health department is tied to life. Dedicated medical equipment laser marking machine marking stethoscope, even in the face of illness and doubts, will continue to walk, helping physicians to go all out for every life! Ordinary gestation is great, dedication is brewing with loftiness, and the doctors use the spirit of selflessness to compose a moving movement of resounding hands.