Laser drilling application in glass industry

April 29, 2022
Latest company news about Laser drilling application in glass industry

Punching applications account for about 5% of the overall laser material processing application market. Productivity improvements have led to several drilling strategies related to lasers (thermal and ablative drilling), beam processing, beam splitting, and workpiece handling, all of which drive overall process efficiency and productivity improvements.


Applications that require penetration holes include cooling holes in jet engines or gas turbines, lubrication holes in powertrain components, as well as holes in injection nozzles, air bearings and shower heads. There are also holes in filters, sieves and powertrain separators, facilities for food and chemicals, and vent holes in castings, to name a few.


In modern society, glass is undoubtedly one of the most important materials. Whether in the production of machinery, construction, decoration, or electronic products, different types of glass are different but they all have the same important role. In the glass production process, glass design and cutting also have more requirements and demands.


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