Is this still possible? Unexpected way to clean

April 29, 2024

We are all familiar with road markings. We come into contact with them more or less every day. Over time, the road markings will fall off to a


greater or lesser extent if they are run over by cars, exposed to sunlight, washed away by rain or snow, or the road is re-planned.  At this time, it


needs to be re-paved, and it needs to be cleaned first. However, cleaning this highway marking line is not easy, but laser cleaning


equipment, it will become straightforward.

In the existing technology, the methods used to remove road traffic markings mainly include grinding, sandblasting, high-pressure water jets, etc.


Although the current methods can effectively remove road traffic markings, there are some problems, such as grinding is easy to damage and


Causes damage to the roadbed; sandblasting has a greater impact on the environment; high-pressure water jet is a wet cleaning method, which


requires water supply and is less convenient to use. On the other hand, the road surface will be slippery after cleaning and may freeze in winter—


and other issues.

The laser cleaning machine can effectively avoid damage to the roadbed while removing road traffic markings, ensuring the cleaning effect while


improving the cleaning efficiency; the cleaning method of the laser cleaning machine is dry cleaning, which does not require a large amount of


water supply, improving the convenience of use. ; The cleaning head of the laser cleaning machine can move horizontally simultaneously with


the suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner quickly collects the cleaned products, causing little environmental pollution.