How Judge Laser Welding Machine Welding Effect?

December 11, 2023

Judgment on melting phenomenon during welding operation

The strength of the melting phenomenon during welding operation mainly depends on the time, power density, and peak power of the laser acting on the material surface. By controlling the above parameters, various welding processes can be carried out using laser. During the welding process of a metal laser welding machine, the focus position of the beam is one of the most critical control process parameters. Under a certain laser power and welding speed, only when the focus is in the optimal range can the maximum penetration and good weld shape be obtained.

Familiar with metal laser welding machine welding methods

There are two common types of laser welding methods, one of which is pulse laser welding. Currently, it is mainly used for single point fixed continuity and thin material welding, forming circular welding points during welding.

The other type is continuous laser welding, mainly used for welding and cutting large and thick parts, forming a continuous weld seam during the welding operation.

Generally speaking, the selection of welding materials, metal laser welding machines, and processing workstations are the main factors that affect the effectiveness of laser welding.

Metal laser welding machine selection of frequency

Generally, when using metal laser welding machines, frequency parameters will be adjusted as much as possible according to customer requirements for efficiency. When it comes to welding efficiency requirements, frequency plays a significant role, especially for some precision metal laser welding. When combined with a galvanometer and scanning system, the effect of frequency will be even greater. How to adjust to the appropriate frequency will be a technical challenge, but the effect of frequency will also be related to other aspects, and it is necessary to have an overall effect in order to have a perfect welding effect.

Tensile strength monitoring

Able to monitor the tensile strength and judge the welding effect based on the inspection results. If there are poor welding or faulty solder joints during processing, it may not always be due to the welding machine. It may be due to unsuitable materials. After replacing the materials or changing the waveform setting of the metal laser welding machine, the welding process should be repeated and the effectiveness evaluation should be conducted.