Hand-held laser welding machine and cold welding machine

December 4, 2022
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Hand-held laser welding machine and cold welding machine have three same characteristics: simple operation, small deformation, and beautiful weld seam

These two points are common characteristics of the two machines, but since they are two types of equipment, comparing them with each other, they must have their own advantages and disadvantages in some aspects.

Handheld laser welding based on cold welding machine
The hand-held laser welding machine has a scanning width when it is working, and its spot diameter is small, so it scans from one point to another point when welding, thus forming a weld bead.

A welding process is from top to bottom, just pull it directly. Compared with the cold welder, the welding speed of the hand-held laser welding will be faster. The welding process of pulling and passing determines that it is more suitable for large straight seams. Batch welding. After all, some products pay more attention to efficiency, and the faster the better.

Cold welding machine based on laser welding
The working form of the cold welding machine is like a slow hand-held laser welding machine. It is a welding bead that is continuously pulsed bit by bit. Compared with laser welding, its speed will be slower.

However, if the requirements for the deformation of the product are stricter, the cold welding machine is a more suitable machine. After all, the handheld laser welding pulls and welds and puts countless laser pulses, and the residual temperature after welding teaches cold welding Chances are it will be higher.