Advantages of laser welding

May 12, 2022
Latest company news about Advantages of laser welding

With the popularity of laser cutting machines, the precision of sheet metal cutting and blanking is getting higher and higher, which also creates conditions for the application of laser welding technology. Many companies have begun to consider using laser welding technology to improve welding accuracy and aesthetics.

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What are the advantages of laser welding?

Laser welding wins with cost-effectiveness in the low-end processing market, and breaks through the limitations of traditional welding processes in high-end manufacturing. Laser welding is widely used in both low-end and high-end processing markets.

Among them, the main product in the low-end market is hand-held laser welding. The machine is small and easy to operate, and can realize complex and irregular welding processes. It is mainly used for welding metal and non-metal plates below 3mm. The application fields are sheet metal, kitchen utensils, Bathroom, hardware and other light industries.

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In the high-end market, it meets the needs of downstream manufacturers for automation, safety, precision, product yield, processing efficiency, etc., and has welding effects that cannot be achieved by traditional welding processes. It is mostly used in power batteries, automobiles, and consumer electronics industries.