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What systems are made of fiber laser welding machine equipment?

June 2, 2021


The fiber laser welding machine is composed of laser system, laser power supply system, operating table and optical fiber transmission system, industrial television observation system (optional), special cooling system and other parts.
Fiber laser welding machine

1. Optical fiber transmission system

Transmission fiber: optional according to welding spot requirements

Minimum focus spot diameter: 0.3mm (optional according to welding spot requirements)

Objective working distance: 70mm (optional according to actual welding spot requirements and product conditions)

Focus adjustment range: 20mm (optional according to actual welding spot requirements and product conditions)

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2. Operation console (optional)

The work surface is made of stainless steel. The space of the work surface can include a bracket for the display and measuring instruments; the volume is small and the layout of the work surface can be determined according to user needs, such as installing a manual lifting mechanism.

3. Side axis black and white CCD observation system

Three-channel black and white CCD camera, side-axis placement, 14" high-resolution black and white monitor

4. Laser dedicated cooling system

Patented design, dual-circulation cooling, precision temperature control system. Use all-titanium alloy coil structure, evaporator, water tank, pump body, etc., use high-strength non-metallic materials or stainless steel to ensure water quality. Imported low-noise jet self-priming centrifugal pump makes pure water circulate and cool the laser. The refrigeration compressor performs a secondary cycle cooling on the circulating water.

5. Laser power system

The pulsed laser power supply of fiber laser welding machine is a special power supply system dedicated to supply power to the pulsed xenon lamp. It is generally composed of charging circuit, energy storage unit, discharging circuit, trigger/pre-ignition circuit, logic control circuit and electrical operation circuit.

Charging circuit-the role is to provide charging power for the large-capacity capacitors in the energy storage unit. According to the characteristics of energy storage capacitors, constant current charging is the best charging method. This power supply uses a constant current charging circuit called L-C constant current source. This circuit has simple structure, convenient control and high reliability. And the advantages of good constant current characteristics.