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What Are the Unique Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

January 6, 2021

       Fiber laser marking machine is more and more widely used in marking. It can be used for marking plastics, rubbers, metals, silicon wafers and other materials. It is easy to operate, as long as you have basic computer knowledge. The laser marking machine is operated locally; the fiber laser marking machine has the following characteristics:

      1. Permanent: For example, the mark will not disappear due to environmental relations (touch, acid and alkaline gases, high and low temperatures, etc.).

  2. Non-contact: Laser marking is processed by a non-mechanical "light knife", which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface, and there is no internal stress on the workpiece after marking. No workpiece loss, non-toxic, is a clean processing technology.

  3. Wide application range: using laser can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).

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  4. High engraving precision: the objects marked with fiber laser marking machine have fine patterns, clear marks, long-lasting and beautiful. It can meet the needs of large-scale marking of small plastic products and has strong market competitiveness.

  5. Low operating cost: fast marking speed, one-time marking, low energy consumption, low operating cost. Although the equipment investment of fiber laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking machine, its equipment investment is much lower in view of operating costs.

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     6.  High processing efficiency: The laser beam controlled by the computer can move at high speed (5~7 meters per second), and can print various characters, symbols and patterns. The marking process can be completed within a few seconds. It is easy to change the marking content using the built-in software, and adapt to the high-efficiency and fast-paced requirements of modern production.

       7. Convenience and flexibility: Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users only need to program on the computer to achieve laser print output. The print design can be changed at any time, completely replacing the traditional mold manufacturing process and shortening the product update cycle. Realize flexible production.