What are the characteristics of the mold laser welding machine in the working principle?

January 4, 2024

What are the characteristics of the mold laser welding machine in the working principle? The mold laser welding machine is also a branch of the laser welding machine, so the working principle is to use high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area, and the energy of the laser radiation is diffused to the interior of the material through thermal conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific melt pool.

It is a new type of welding method, mainly for the welding of thin-wall materials and precision parts, can achieve spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, sealing welding, etc., depth to width ratio, small weld width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth weld, beautiful, no processing or simple processing after welding, high-quality weld, no porosity, accurate control, small focusing spot, High positioning accuracy, easy to achieve automation.

High-power laser welding machines have been introduced, and various types of laser welding machines and repairs can be achieved for thicker materials.

laser welding samples

The mold laser welding machine uses a large screen LCD Chinese interface display, so that the operator is easier to learn and operate, the equipment also uses the font programming function, to achieve multi-mode work, suitable for most materials of the mold repair. Not only the heat-affected area is small, and the oxidation rate is low, but also there will be no sand holes, pores, or other phenomena, for the effect of repairing the mold after the joint without convex phenomenon, but also will not lead to mold deformation.


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