Weld bead cleaning for handheld laser welding

January 10, 2024

After the three-in-one handheld laser welder that has been popular on the market for a long time, Riselaser has grandly launched the four-in-one laser welder. In addition to ordinary welding, cleaning, and cutting functions, welding bead cleaning is specially added.

After welding, there will be a layer of black on the surface. When the laser scans the welding surface, the black will be directly cleaned away to restore the original color of the base material. The advantage of laser cleaning the weld is that it does not require manual chemical scrubbing or polishing to cause personal injury. As well as environmental damage, laser weld cleaning is highly efficient and fast. It can be operated with one hand and will not be hindered when facing uneven welding surfaces.

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How effective is the laser cleaning machine in cleaning welds? Laser cleaning of post-weld oxides and black ash has significant effects. Laser cleaning not only makes the welded parts more beautiful but also facilitates post-weld flaw detection, electroplating, anodizing, etc. Moreover, laser cleaning is very necessary in the case of multi-layer and multi-pass welding. The inter-pass cleaning of multi-layer and multi-pass welding is highly efficient and effective.

The purpose of using laser cleaning to clean metal after welding is to ensure the sealing of the welding joint after welding because the weld contains various impurities that need to be cleaned. On the other hand, it also affects the appearance after welding.

In addition to being effective in cleaning welds, laser cleaning machines can also perform a pre-treatment cleaning operation on the metal surface before metal welding. This can clean off debris on the metal surface and avoid welding defects in subsequent welding operations. Such as pores, slag inclusions, lack of fusion, etc.

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