The application of Ultrafast lasers

December 5, 2021
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Ultrafast lasers are widely used in precision processing in consumer electronics, display panels, PCB, biomedical, aerospace and other industries due to their extremely high single pulse energy, extremely high peak power, and "cold processing" characteristics.


Consumer electronics field: Consumer electronics is the most mature field for ultrafast laser applications. The use of ultrafast lasers for full-screen special-shaped cutting has significantly improved processing accuracy and efficiency. At the same time, the ultrafast laser has obvious advantages in cutting hard and brittle materials such as 3D glass cover and mobile phone camera cover;
Display panel field: More polymer materials are used in OLED panels. The "cold processing" feature of ultrafast lasers can avoid liquefaction of polymer materials under the influence of heat. Therefore, ultrafast lasers are used in the peeling of OLED glass substrates and panel cutting. All have very mature applications;
PCB field: Ultrafast lasers are expected to replace nanosecond lasers for FPC flexible board processing;
In addition, ultrafast lasers are widely used in biomedical fields such as laser surgery, laser cosmetology, and aerospace fields such as oblique hole processing of aircraft engine blades.

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In recent years, domestic ultrafast lasers have also achieved rapid growth, and the market size has increased from 400 million yuan in 2015 to 1.56 billion yuan in 2019, with an annual compound growth rate of 40.53%. We believe that with the rapid growth of downstream demand for full-screen, 3D glass cover, OLED and FPC flexible boards, the domestic demand for ultrafast lasers is expected to increase rapidly.