Riselaser's Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Metal Crafts with Good Price

November 15, 2019

Generally speaking, the advantages of laser cutting of metal sheet are summarized as follows: the laser cutting speed is faster, because the laser beam has a small spot after focusing, and the focus temperature is very high. Considering that the laser cutting incision is narrow, the two sides of the cutting seam are parallel and vertical to the surface, the dimensional accuracy of the cutting parts is high; the laser cutting machine can process micro-parts and high-difficulty parts with complex shape, if the rotating axis is added, more multi-dimensional products can be processed, and the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, but not for the accuracy. Particularly talented products can even be used as the last processing process, without mechanical processing, parts can be directly used; materials through laser cutting processing, the width of heat affected zone is very small, much less than the traditional acetylene cutting, plasma cutting heat effect, so the workpiece deformation is small, cutting accuracy is high, greatly improved. Product quality. Laser cutting belongs to non-contact processing, nozzle and workpiece have no contact during normal laser cutting, and hardly wear without operation error. Laser cutting machine can process different materials with different wavelengths, which can be divided into metal cutting and non-metal cutting.

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