Portable Jewelry Welder Laser Welding Machine

December 15, 2023

Portable jewelry laser welding machine can be used to fill pores, finish trimming platinum contacts, trim bevels, repair/adjust the size of rings or bracelets without removing stones, and correct manufacturing defects. Laser welding can reconstruct the metal molecular structure similar to or different from the welding point, so that two different alloys can be integrated.

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Nowadays, jewelry manufacturers and retailers who use laser welding machines usually have a wide range of applications and produce better quality products with less time and less materials, while eliminating the effects of excessive heat.

One of the main elements that made laser welding suitable for jewelry manufacturing and repair was the development of the "free movement" concept. Under this concept, the laser generates a fixed infrared pulse that passes through the scope of the microscope. The size and intensity of the laser pulse can be controlled. Because the generated heat remains localized, the operator can manually move or fix the object with his fingers, and fix the welding area with extremely high precision without causing any damage to the fingers or hands. This free movement concept allows users to save expensive fixtures and expands the scope of jewelry bonding and repair applications.


In recent years, the price of many jewelry laser welding machines has dropped, and jewelry manufacturers, small design studios, repair shops, and jewelry retailers have easier access to them, while providing users with more functions and flexibility. Usually, people who buy a jewelry laser welding machine think that the time, labor and materials can justify the purchase price.

laser welder samples