Non-Contact and Permanent Identification with Fiber Laser Marking Machine

June 26, 2023
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The fiber laser marking machine employs a high-energy density laser beam to interact with a target, resulting in physical or chemical alterations on its surface to produce visible patterns. The notable characteristic of this marking method is the durable and permanent nature of the marks created by the laser on the workpiece's surface.


Functioning as a significant application of laser processing principles, the fiber laser marking machine directs processed laser beams onto material surfaces, rapidly converting light energy into heat energy. This instantaneous conversion causes the surface material to melt or potentially vaporize, ultimately forming a mark.


In recent times, laser marking technology has witnessed a growing application in the printing industry. The fiber laser marking machine finds versatility in marking various materials, such as plastic, rubber, metal, and silicon chips. Operating fiber laser marking machines is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring only a basic understanding of computer knowledge.


In the field of marking and printing, fiber laser marking machines possess the following distinctive characteristics:

  1. Mark Durability: The marks created by fiber laser marking machines are resistant to fading caused by environmental factors such as contact, exposure to acidic or alkaline gases, high or low temperatures, and more.

  2. Anti-Counterfeiting Properties: The markings carved using fiber laser marking machines are difficult to duplicate or modify, making them possess strong anti-counterfeiting features to a certain extent.

  3. Non-Corrosive and Environmentally Friendly: Fiber laser marking machines do not cause corrosion on the working surface, eliminate "tool" wear, and are non-toxic. They provide a clean and pollution-free processing technology that is environmentally friendly.

  4. Material Versatility: Fiber laser marking machines have the capability to process a wide range of materials, including both metallic and non-metallic materials such as aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, and more.

In summary, fiber laser marking machines offer long-lasting marks, excellent anti-counterfeiting properties, non-corrosive operation, and the ability to process various materials. They are an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for marking and engraving needs in the printing industry.