Laser welding robot workstation helps "speed up"

February 5, 2023
Latest company news about Laser welding robot workstation helps "speed up"

Welding robot is a modern and automated equipment integrating machinery, electronics, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other aspects. Some commentators believe that welding robots have become the future development trend of the welding manufacturing industry due to their advantages such as strong flexibility, high safety, and high operating efficiency.

latest company news about Laser welding robot workstation helps "speed up"  0

Compared with traditional labor, industrial robots have the characteristics of high work efficiency and high manufacturing precision. While helping enterprises optimize production processes and improve product quality, they can also reduce operating costs.

According to the consulting report, the global welding robot market will reach 62.635 billion yuan in 2022, and China's welding robot market will account for 39.66% of the global market.

When it comes to the future, we must always keep in mind the ability to create our own advantages and create a strong technical team. The Riselaser team is using a new look and innovative technology to strive to provide more physical enterprises with overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing plants, and to help the high-end equipment industry run out of " Acceleration".