Laser rust remove machine

May 8, 2021
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All metallic surfaces must be previously prepared before being welded or before receiving treatments on the surface. This means that the surfaces must be clean and free of rust. Laser technology can be used to remove these contaminants without introducing impurities to the base metal. Using the micron precision of the laser beam, rust can be removed in moderate layers and in pre-defined areas.

Fiber laser cleaning systems can remove ferrous and non-ferrous metal oxides alike. These systems stand out compared to chemical treatments, mechanical brushes, and other common methods

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Rust removal on stainless steel
Stainless steel parts have the best corrosion resistance and have a shiny surface finish. But when they are welded, the high-temperature areas around the weld joints blacken, preventing complete passivation, inviting rust, and diminishing the aesthetics of the part.

Fiber laser machines are used to completely remove black oxides in record time, ensuring that weld joints are correctly passivated, and that the aesthetics of the piece are preserved.

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Aluminum oxide removal
Aluminum is one of the most used materials in the metallurgical industry due to its qualities such as resistance and light weight. When exposed to moisture and oxygen in the air, a gray oxide layer forms on its surface, acting as a protective barrier between oxygen and the base metal.

To remove oxide from aluminum, laser cleaning is the best solution. For example, rust can be removed prior to welding to strengthen welds. It is also necessary to remove the rust before various surface treatments such as the coating process to prevent the paint from peeling off.