Laser marking machine your willful choice

July 6, 2021
Latest company news about Laser marking machine  your willful choice

Laser marking machines have long become the first choice of major processing industries. Pharmaceutical packaging, carton gift boxes, plastic bottles, etc., these packaging and marking processes will use laser marking machine. So, do you know why?


In our daily life, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, potato chip bags, packaging boxes, switch panels, and even leather bags and jeans laser marking technology are ubiquitous. Unused materials, different laser equipment, but no matter what kind of equipment, Bot Laser is your trusted choice. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, etc., to meet your marking and printing needs for various materials.

We all know that the laser marking machine is small in size, low in power, but very fast. Compared with laser cutting machines and laser engraving machines, laser marking machines are more economical. And Bot Laser's laser marking machine is also developing towards the integration of marking and cutting processes. In other words, for leather, denim and other materials, laser equipment can mark, cut and engrave, with high marking accuracy and faster cutting speed than ordinary cutting machines. This applies to the luggage and shoe industry. The choice of trust can maximize the best of both worlds.

The world of marking and spraying has a very sacred mission. For example, in the packaging of medicines/foods, a long-lasting and difficult-to-change identification method is needed to show users the most authentic product information; another example is the most exquisite and detailed patterns in the manufacture of bags and shoes , Are displayed on each product through this precise and fast machine.