Laser marking machine makes watch identification more permanent

September 24, 2021
Latest company news about Laser marking machine makes watch identification more permanent

Watches are common items in life. They are not only a taste to show their identity, but also a witness of time.
In the traditional processing technology, the use of ink to print the fonts on the watch is not a long-term solution. In addition, during the processing process, the watch may be deformed by extrusion, etc., and there will be many defects, which will affect the beauty of the watch to a certain extent! In addition, for some high-quality watches, manufacturers will be stricter on certain logos of watches, and laser marking machines can solve all problems well.


This kind of laser marking machine uses laser beams to mark the surface of different materials with long-lasting marks, which will inevitably stand the test of time. The laser marking machine exposes the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, and then engraves exquisite pictures, trademarks and texts, including trademarks, models, production dates, serial numbers, etc., in some requirements for finer and more precise requirements. higher. Therefore, the laser marking machine is particularly suitable for watch processing, and the laser marking machine has become the choice of many manufacturers!