Laser Marker Brings Huge Changes To The Metal Industry

May 6, 2019
Latest company news about Laser Marker Brings Huge Changes To The Metal Industry

    Metal laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, suitable for any metal material, stainless steel metal product production field introduced laser marking technology, greatly changing the working environment, greatly improving the work Efficiency not only saves human resources, but also saves a lot of time. The logo on conventional products can only be used in 2-5 seconds. If you use the pipeline marking, the speed is quite fast. And from the perspective of environmental protection, it can not break through the traditional process.

    The laser marking machine without consumables does not cause environmental pollution and pollution to the human body. It is currently a highly environmentally friendly technical equipment. The advantages of laser marking equipment in the technical field have been extended to various industries, which have promoted high-quality and efficient products and opened up a new path for future production. Laser marking machine using high-tech photovoltaic energy for energy accumulation Local marking of metals and other products is a high-tech capacity that other marking equipment can't. The application of laser marking technology is called one of the modern four major technological inventions, especially It is a fast application in the material processing and industry, and is accepted by most companies. The world has a new understanding of light sources. Under the promotion of laser technology, the unique high-quality marking technology of laser marking technology is the change of chemical reaction of the material itself after photoelectric energy conversion, thus forming a permanent LOGO and the like. The marking method, after years of technical accumulation, the laser technology can be refined after the high-precision computer control, the photoelectric energy and the symbols, fonts and patterns that need to be marked; compared with other equipment It is a special advantage. The laser marking equipment will not come into contact with the product during processing, and will not cause damage to the product. It is an instantaneous temperature, and the affected area is also small, and will not cause damage to a wide range, ensuring the accuracy of the product, laser marking Marking applications in the metal and non-metal fields are also becoming a more mature technology, widely used in the processing field and other aspects. Laser-marked lines can meet millimeter-level fine requirements and improve the appearance of the product.

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