Laser Cleaning Technology Impact On Industrial Environmental Protection

December 27, 2023

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, various environmental cleaning technologies have emerged, and laser cleaning machines are one of them.

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A laser cleaning machine the use high-energy laser beams to interact with the substances to be removed from the surface of the workpiece, causing instantaneous evaporation or peeling of the attached substances to achieve the purpose of cleaning the workpiece. This processing technology does not require various chemical cleaning agents and is green and pollution-free. The scope of application is very wide, mainly used for surface paint removal and depainting treatment, surface oil stains, dirt cleaning, surface coating and coating removal, welding/spraying surface pre-treatment, stone surface dust, and attachments removal, rubber mold residue cleaning, etc. Laser cleaning technology is a new technology that has only emerged in the past decade. Related research started in the mid-1980s, but it was not until the early 1990s that it gradually gained attention and rapid development from researchers. Its emergence opened up new fields for the application of laser technology in industry and became a new member of the laser processing technology family.

laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning machine technology, as a new type of cleaning technology, has become a supplement and extension of traditional cleaning methods and has begun to be applied in fields such as aerospace, molds, microelectronics, architecture, nuclear power plants, automotive manufacturing, medical treatment, cultural relic protection, military industry, etc.

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Laser cleaning machines are currently playing a good role in most industries, such as microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automotive manufacturing, medical treatment, cultural relic protection, steel rust removal and mold cleaning, automotive manufacturing, construction, and other fields. The most important thing is that this high-tech and environmentally friendly equipment is easy to operate and easy to install, and handheld processing makes your cleaning work so simple that laser processing operations can be achieved in just a few steps. Due to the non-contact nature of laser processing, there is no damage or consumables to the workpiece. The entire processing process is safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. The equipment system is stable and requires almost no maintenance. With the continuous breakthroughs in laser industry technology, laser equipment may become more user-friendly in the future, and the gradual expansion of the market for laser cleaning machines is just around the corner. Whether it is in the field of cutting and welding, or the potential popularization of laser cleaning machines in the future, it will be a result of the development of the laser industry. Laser technology, as a core driving force in the field of industrial manufacturing, is also constantly advancing.

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