Introduction to CO2 Laser Application

March 19, 2022
Latest company news about Introduction to CO2 Laser Application

Laser technology is an advanced processing technology. Medium-power CO2 lasers for light industrial enterprise customers are widely used. According to different product application fields, they can be divided into low-end, mid-end and high-end, forming different levels of product ladder structure to meet different requirements. grades of customer needs.

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The cutting of non-metals such as plastics, glass, and molds belongs to the low-end application field of medium-power CO2 lasers.

In terms of plastic cutting, it is the main advantage of plastic CO2 laser cutting to complete the cutting of parts with extremely complex shapes at a fast speed without generating stress and deformation of the workpiece. The greater advantage is reflected in thermoplastic materials, which can obtain high-quality and smooth cutting surfaces that are difficult to obtain by other cutting methods. It also performs well when cutting polyester and polycarbonate materials. CO2 laser cutting equipment can cut synthetic or natural rubber up to 20mm thick.

In terms of glass cutting, the mechanical processing method using diamond grinding wheel and high hardness metal wheel is the traditional cutting method for glass and glass products. , There are problems such as residual chips, micro cracks, uneven edges, etc., which reduce the output.

In terms of mold cutting, laser cutting is widely used by companies that make architectural models. They often need to carve brick-laying yards and cut complex shapes into sheet material. Most of the models use acrylic sheets, which work very well with CO2 laser cutting equipment. Laser cutting is also very common in film special effects companies and theme park design companies. Companies equipped with CO2 laser cutting equipment in the workplace include Disney Graphics, Industrial Lighting and Magic, and Digital Domain.

The cutting of 0.5mm-6mm steel plates, the cutting of metal shells outside mobile phone batteries and other metal cuttings belong to the mid-end application field of medium-power CO2 lasers.

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0.5mm-6mm steel plate cutting is widely used in the cutting of metal materials such as stainless steel, alloy steel, ordinary steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy and tool steel. Its function is to improve the efficiency and speed of thin plate cutting, which can approach or even exceed CNC punching machines, so it is suitable for carbon steel parts cutting for manufacturing electrical switch cabinets, textile machinery, machine tool covers, automatic elevators, tools, construction machinery and other molds.

In terms of cutting the metal shell of mobile phone batteries, due to the widespread use of mobile phones, the environmental protection and recycling of mobile phone batteries is attracting attention. Laser cutting of metal shells for mobile phone batteries for recycling and reuse has effectively met the needs of the market.

Oil screen slit pipe cutting, LCD industry glass substrate cutting, etc. belong to the high-end application fields of medium-power CO2 lasers.

It is widely used in the petroleum industry in the cutting of oil screen slit pipes. In order to prevent the sediment from entering the oil pump, a uniform slit less than 0.3m wide is cut on the alloy steel pipe with a wall thickness of 6~9mm, and the diameter of the small hole at the starting point of the perforation cannot be greater than 0.3mm.

In terms of glass substrate cutting in the LCD industry, laser processing has excellent processing quality for color filters, liquid crystals, ITO conductive glass, etc., high processing edge strength, wide application range, and can complete all processing tasks in one step.