Huawei Discloses a Laser Patent

September 24, 2020
Latest company news about Huawei Discloses a Laser Patent

Wireless charging technology is rapidly spreading in the digital field. However, although it is wireless charging, the charging base still relies on a wired connection, and mobile phones, watches, etc. also need to be close to the wireless charging board. In other words, the space distance has not achieved a breakthrough.

For a long time, wireless charging has been regarded as an ultra-future smartphone technology. The mobile phone can be charged without having to connect to the charger. It is exciting to think about it.

latest company news about Huawei Discloses a Laser Patent  0

It is reported that Huawei has also aimed at this cutting-edge technology, and recently announced that it has obtained a patent for wireless charging of mobile phones through lasers. Users can use indoor wireless modules to wirelessly charge mobile phones to drones and other devices. Of course, considering the danger of lasers, Huawei's laser transmitters have also implemented a safety function, that is, automatically turn off the charging when detecting a human eye to protect it.

In theory, with this technology, small electronic devices such as mobile phones and drones can be used without a charging cable, but Huawei has not disclosed whether this laser charging technology will affect the battery life.

In addition, Huawei said that the realization of laser charging requires the terminal to be equipped with corresponding miniature sensors. The principle of this kind of laser charging is like solar energy equipment using sunlight for charging.