How to maintain fiber laser marking machine?

October 15, 2021
Latest company news about How to maintain fiber laser marking machine?

1. Keep the room and the surface of the machine clean and tidy. Regularly check whether the optical lenses are dirty (the term depends on the working environment). If there is dirt, scrub it in an emergency. Scrubbing method: When cleaning the lens, you must be very careful. Before the lens is cleaned, it is strictly forbidden to modify the protection circuit and the main components of the laser;
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2. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switching power supply when there is no water or the water circulation is abnormal. No-load operation of the Q power supply (that is, the output end of the Q-switching power supply is suspended) is not allowed to appear abnormal. First, turn off the galvanometer switch and the key switch, and then do it. Check that the output end (anode) of the laser power supply is suspended to prevent ignition and breakdown with other electrical appliances;

3. Keep the internal circulating water clean. Regularly clean the water tank of the laser marking machine and replace it with deionized water or pure water. It is not allowed to start other components before the krypton lamp is ignited to prevent high pressure from entering and damaging the components;

4. Equipped with a laser chiller to effectively cool the module and Q head of the marking machine to prevent the marking machine from overheating. In the process of use, the above matters should be observed, and the laser equipment should be used correctly, so as to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost.