How To Improve Laser Cutting Efficiency

January 13, 2020
Latest company news about How To Improve Laser Cutting Efficiency

Today, in the cutting process, there are six practical functions. With these practical functions, the processing efficiency and cutting performance of laser cutting machines can be greatly improved.

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Leapfrog is the idle mode of laser cutting machine. In the development of laser cutting machines, Leapfrog counted as an outstanding technological progress.

Auto focus

When cutting different materials, the focus of the laser beam is required to be at different positions on the workpiece cross section. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the position of the focus (focusing).

Automatic Edge Finding

The automatic edge finding function can sense the inclination angle and origin of the sheet, and adjust the cutting process to suit the angle and position of the sheet, thereby avoiding waste. With the automatic edge-finding function, the time required to adjust the workpiece was saved earlier-it is not easy to adjust (move) workpieces weighing hundreds of kilograms on the cutting table, which improves the efficiency of the machine.

Concentrated Perforation

Centralized perforation, also called pre-perforation, is a processing technology, not a function of the machine itself, and requires the help of an automatic programming system when it is used.

Bridge Position (micro-connection)

The bridge position connects the parts with the surrounding materials. The mature programming software can automatically add the appropriate number of bridge positions according to the length of the contour. It can also distinguish the inner and outer contours, decide whether to add a bridge position, so that the inner contour (waste) of the bridge position is not dropped, and the outer contour (parts) of the bridge position are adhered to the base material and do not fall, thereby eliminating Sorting work.

Coedge Cutting

If the contours of adjacent parts are straight and have the same angle, they can be combined into a straight line and cut only once. This is co-edge cutting.


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