How to Clean The Dust of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

November 19, 2019
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Metal laser cutting machine is a kind of equipment that people in the machining industry are familiar with. Metal laser cutting machine can cut a wide range of materials. When purchasing metal laser cutting machine, we must know our own needs, not only need to know the cutting material, cutting thickness, but also need to choose from production and processing and material saving. When purchasing metal laser cutting machine, we should not only consider the current demand, but also consider the future demand. Now the metal laser cutting machine can be widely used. It can be used to process small parts, such as small nameplates, etc., and can also be used to batch process and cut the whole board. With the rapid development of optical fiber laser cutting machine, in the daily use process, it is inevitable to produce a lot of dust. After a long time, it will settle down on the machine. In order to better maintain and maintain the machine, and also to not affect the processing of the machine, how should we clean the dust in the carving machine?

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Metal laser cutting machine


1. First of all, it doesn't matter how to clean the dust on the machine table of the metal laser cutting machine, but it's not recommended to clean the dust inside the machine. It's easy to scratch the laser head if it's not cleaned properly. In serious cases, the laser can't be accurately positioned when reading and writing data.

2. Secondly, as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, it will not affect the use. The safest way is to turn the metal laser cutting machine upside down (laser head down) and blow the dust off with a balloon (a tool for cleaning up the digital SLR CCD, very cheap).

3. In addition, pay special attention to the water replacement and tank cleaning (it is recommended to clean the tank and replace the circulating water once a week).


The dust of metal laser cutting machine mainly affects the heat dissipation of electronic components and the sensitivity of sensitive components. Common phenomena include optical inspection failure, computer CPU fan does not turn and so on. Then metal laser cutting machine in addition to dust affect the processing process, there are some factors will affect. What other factors affect the metal laser cutting machine?


1. The power supply of the metal laser cutting machine has the most direct impact on the processing, which is mainly manifested in the disorder of the control system. The electronic devices and functional components of SMC control system have certain voltage and frequency range. The overload operation of any component will inevitably lead to the instability of the whole system, and the common phenomenon is machining deviation.

2. The influence of vibration of metal laser cutting machine is reflected in frequent cutting and unsmooth surface. The common reasons are that the machine tool is touched during the processing, the installation levelness of the machine tool is unqualified, and there is a punch around.

3. In general, the metal laser cutting machine will not have the phenomenon that the cutting edge is broken and the cutting edge causes the unsmooth carving surface and sawtooth. If it is found that the carving surface is not smooth and there is sawtooth, it is necessary to check whether the model and size of the cutter used are applicable. If the handle extends too long, the deformation of the cutter will increase at the time of processing, which will cause the machining surface to be not smooth and sawtooth.

4. The environmental temperature and humidity of metal laser cutting machine mainly affect the performance of control system and driving motor. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the control system may have wrong control, and the driving torque of the driving motor may not reach the rated value.