How Thick Can Laser Cutting Machine Cut?

December 6, 2023

With the continuous improvement of people's demand and cognition, the market demand for laser cutting is constantly increasing, and people's requirements for laser cutting are increasing. Laser cutting not only needs to be able to cut but also needs to cut better and thicker, especially in terms of cutting thickness. So how thick can a laser cutting machine cut?

sheet metal cutting machine

The thickness of the laser cutting machine should be considered from multiple aspects, mainly from the laser output power, auxiliary gas type, and cutting material type. For example, with laser power, when the auxiliary gas is air and carbon steel plates are also cut, 3000W can cut 3mm carbon steel plates, while 6000W can cut 6mm carbon steel plates. The higher the power, the thicker the thickness that can be cut. Similarly, different auxiliary gases and cutting materials have different cutting thicknesses.

In the process of practical application, cutting thickness is related to various factors, and there is no absolute evaluation standard for how thick a laser cutting machine can cut. After roughly knowing how thick a material can be cut, how to choose the most suitable laser cutting machine for oneself?

laser cutting machine samples-1

How to choose a suitable laser cutting machine should be considered from two aspects.
1.Price does not necessarily have to be the cheapest, a higher cost-effectiveness is sufficient.
2.The effect should be considered from two aspects: cutting quality and accuracy. On the premise of meeting one's own cutting accuracy and quality, relatively inexpensive equipment is suitable for oneself.
3.The use of laser power and auxiliary gas will affect the cutting speed, and the disguised effect will affect the equipment's return time, which is also worth considering.

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