Graphical Process in Micro/Nano Processing---Laser Beam

August 3, 2020
Latest company news about Graphical Process in Micro/Nano Processing---Laser Beam

The patterning process of micro-nano processing is mainly divided into two technologies: pattern transfer and direct processing. Laser beam etching technology has direct writing capability, avoiding the multi-step process of pattern transfer, and directly produces three-dimensional microstructures on the material by controlling the focused high-energy laser beam. It has sub-micron film etching processing accuracy and is suitable for a variety of materials.


Photolithography is to transfer the pattern made on the photolithography mask to the surface of the substrate. No matter what kind of micro device is processed, the micro processing process can be broken down into one or more cycles of the three process steps of film deposition, photolithography and etching. Lithography is at the forefront of the MEMS manufacturing process, and its graphics resolution, overlay accuracy and other properties directly affect the success or failure of subsequent processes.


Micro-nano manufacturing technology refers to the design, processing, assembly, integration and application technology of parts with dimensions of millimeters, micrometers, and nanometers, as well as components or systems composed of these parts. Micro-nano manufacturing technology is the basic means and important foundation for the manufacturing of micro-sensors, micro-actuators, micro-structures and functional micro-nano systems.